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There are many reasons for which it is convenient to acquire a franchise in the United States, here are some:

Lower business risk: Acquiring an already established franchise can be less risky than starting a business from scratch, since there is already a proven business model and system in place.

Access to recognized brands: By acquiring a franchise, you can have access to brands that are already recognized in the market and have a good reputation.

Support and Training: Most franchises offer extensive support and training for franchise owners, which can help ensure the success of the business.

Cost reduction: Franchises may have agreements with suppliers, which can result in reduced costs on supplies and equipment.

Business Experience Not Required: Previous business experience in the industry is not always required when purchasing a franchise, which can be an advantage for those looking to enter a new industry.

Established Business Plan: When you buy a franchise, you get an established and proven business plan, which can save time and effort creating your own.

Location Selection Assistance: Some franchisees offer assistance in selecting the right location for the business, which can be helpful for those who are inexperienced in the local market.

Growth Market: Some franchises operate in growth markets, which can be beneficial for those looking to invest in a booming sector.

Business Independence: Although a franchise may have a pre-defined structure, franchise owners still have some business independence to make decisions about the operation of their business.

Expansion Possibility: Once a successful franchise has been established, there is the potential to expand and acquire more units or territories, which can increase revenue potential.

Contact us and we will accompany you and help you realize this possibility of having a profitable operation in the USA and if you wish to be able to qualify for an E-2 VISA for permanence through this franchise.

Los Angeles


Downtown Los Angeles



• Selection and hiring of regional managers
• Training with the Regional Manager franchise
• Franchise Owner Training
• Marketing
• Launch (Start Up)
• Search for prospects
• Sales
• Billing
• Recruitment of necessary personnel in each case
• Task calendar control
• Task compliance control
• Quality control and customer satisfaction
• Daily contact with the Regional Manager
• Payments and Collections
• Weekly reports to the owner
• Monthly sales and profit reports.

As the owner of the franchise, even if you do not operate it, you still qualify for an E-2 visa for legal stay in the USA

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