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This section explains how the VISA EB-5 works and the steps to be able to immigrate to the United states with via a Business and with a VISA EB-5


Immigrating to the United States with an EB-5 visa is not a simple process but thanks to our knowledge and network of companies we make it simple for you. We have vetted hundreds of companies and projects that are suitable for a visa EB-5 so you don’t have to go through that but obtain the best results. THIS VISA IS VERY POPULAR AMONGST REAL ESTATE INVESTORS AND LARGE BUSINESSES.


  • We are there for you throughout the entire process.

  • We Present you the best alternatives for your profile to not only obtain the Visa but also make money from it.

  • We show you all the information about the selected companies so you know every detail of it.

  • We organize all the meetings for you with the necessary and most respected professionals.

  • Personal assistance and support thought the entire process.

  • Even after your business is running we provide support and can help sell if desired.

Call us for a FREE consultation. We have a network of the most respected professionals and people with the right connections to make sure we not only asses every project but also help you pick the most appropriate one.


We Can Help you in the following way:


  • After we talk we can suggest different businesses that are better suited for you, to get an EB-5 visa approved, and maximize profits.

  • We help you select the best path and walk every step with you.

  • We assist you in any negotiation you might need.

  • We Can help you select a location if needed.

  • We will assist with any and all documents necessary.

  • We will coordinate with all the required professionals to ease your process.

  • We will assist you with the Business plan.

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